Sustainable Food Alliance of BC  

Sustainable Food Alliance of BC

Local Food

Ensuring that British Columbians and residents of Metro Vancouver have the benefit of a local food system will require careful and efficient regulation. The Sustainable Food Alliance of BC supports the Regional Food System Strategy and is committed to working with Metro Vancouver to ensure a sustainable, local and healthy food system.

Metro Vancouver’s Regional Food System Strategy – adopted in February 2011 – sets out a compelling vision for maintaining and expanding the vibrancy of the region’s food sector. A sustainable food system meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future residents to meet their needs. Metro Vancouver’s strategy recognizes that accomplishing this will require “protecting and conserving the region’s rich ecological legacy while taking actions that provide for ongoing profitability in the food sector”.

With members representing over 15 organizations employing more than 20,000 workers in the poultry, dairy, fish, beef, pork, egg, feed and rendering sectors across the province, the Alliance is in a unique position to collaborate with governments on food policies. The food sector is a vital component of the regional economy; one in every eight jobs in Metro Vancouver is in a food-related industry.

The Alliance shares Metro Vancouver’s vision to create a regional food system that:

• Increases the capacity to produce more local food;

• Improves the financial viability of local farmers and food producers; and,

• Promotes a holistic approach to fostering a modern, sustainable, local and healthy food system 

Sustainable Food Alliance of BC
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