Sustainable Food Alliance of BC  

Sustainable Food Alliance of BC

The Circular Economy

Sustainability is about maximizing efficient resource use to allow British Columbians to enjoy those resources today while ensuring the availability of the resource base for future generations.

The 21st century application of sustainability principles means more than waste reduction and recycling. It means smart and efficient regulation and the commitment of industry to sustainability principles. In a nutshell, it means rethinking. Metro Vancouver’s zero waste initiatives are a part of the 21st century rethinking.

The circular food economy structure represented by the members of the Alliance not only reduces waste that would otherwise go to landfill but allows reuse of valuable organics to support the viability of a local food economy both now and into the future.

While other sectors of the economy in Canada, Europe and elsewhere are striving to create structures to promote a circular economy, the members of the Alliance are already working in the circular economy structure that they have created. That not only creates jobs and a healthy economy for British Columbia, but reduces waste and supports a viable local food system. 

Sustainable Food Alliance of BC
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